Club membership and other information

Waggaroos club membership information

Membership: there are two different levels of membership for Waggaroos. These are:

  • Senior - membership for a single adult

  • Junior - membership for a person under 21 years old

Each of the above levels of membership confers membership of the Orienteering NSW and allows the member to compete in State and Australian Championship events and a subscription to the national magazine, The Australian Orienteer, ONSW e-Bulletins and event programs.

2023 Membership fees:

Senior: $45:00 per year (remote membership discount)

Junior (10 to 20): $5:00 per year (remote membership discount)

Junior (<10): $0:00

Family maximum: $100 per year

Note: Due to the current limitations of the membership system in Eventor, in a small number of memberships, the Family Maximum amount (2 Seniors + 2 Juniors 10 to 20) will be exceeded when paying for the individual memberships in Eventor. The excess will be refunded. Once paid in Eventor please email office on to request refund. These will then be processed weekly on a Thursday.

All membership applications are processed by Orienteering NSW. To join Waggaroos, please use this Membership link which gives full details of how to join.

To renew an existing membership, please use your Eventor login.

Event fees: event fees for club events vary with the type of event and status as club member or non-member.

Summer Series and Street "O": Single: $5:00, Family (3 or more) $10:00, SI stick hire $2

Bush events: senior member single $7:00, junior member single $4:00, member family $14:00.

Club colours and emblem: Waggaroos club colours are black, white and red. Our emblem is a snake in the shape of a "W". Club shirts are available for purchase at all Winter events or by arrangement with the club President, John Oliver.

Club event times and course closure:

Winter calendar: event start times available between 10:00am and 11:30am, course closure 1:30pm, after which all competitors must return to the assembly location irrespective of whether they have completed their course.

Summer calendar (MapRun): optional mass start at 9:00am on the first day of each event. MapRun courses can, however, be undertaken at any time during the 2 weeks open window (see 2022-23 MapRun Series menu item for more details).