Wagga and Riverina Orienteers Incorporated

Club event times and course closure:

Winter calendar: event start times available between 10:00am and 11:30am, course closure 1:30pm, after which all competitors must return to the assembly location irrespective of whether they have completed their course.

Summer calendar (MapRun): optional mass start at 9:00am on the first day of each event. MapRun courses can, however, be undertaken at any time during the 2 weeks open window (see 2022-23 MapRun Series menu item for more details).



In accordance with Rule 23 of our Constitution, notice is hereby given that the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Wagga and Riverina Orienteers Inc (Waggaroos) will be held on Saturday 1st April at 7:00pm in the BBQ area adjacent to the Wagga Wagga Music Bowl. Business of the meeting will be the presentations of report(s) and the election of the Committee for the next 12 months.


Nominations of candidates for election as members of the Committee:


a)  shall be made in writing (use this form), signed by two members of the Club, and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the nomination form); and


b)  shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Club not less than seven days (25th March 2023) before the date of the Annual General Meeting.


If no nominations are received to fill a vacancy on the Committee, nominations shall be received at the Annual General Meeting. 

Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting can be found here.

EVENT POSTPONED: the Waggaroos-Albury Wodonga Interclub event scheduled for Sunday 19th March on the Wolfram map has been postponed for safety reasons, due to the forecast extreme temperatures and possible total fire ban. We hope to re-schedule to a later date.

There was a good turnout, including a number of first-timers, for Waggaroos first bush event of the 2023 season, held at Rawlings Park in Wagga last Sunday. On offer were 3 courses: Easy, Moderate and GOAT! 

The 2.0km Easy attracted most entrants with 9 in all. Regular Waggaroo, Ryder Seaman, teamed up with school mate Noah McMullen to be 1st home ahead of John and Lachie (in the pram pushed by John!) Dailey, with newcomers Jenna and Julian Amos just behind in 3rd place.

Pauline Moore had the 3.2km Moderate course to herself!

4  runners took on the 4.1km Goat which offered several split or forked controls with similar length legs, and then a group of 6 scattered controls that could be taken in any order, before the last control. Alex Davey finished well ahead but it was very close for 2nd, with Julie Gooding pipping Deb Davey by just 8 seconds. Did it come down to which split or was it the what order that the group of 6 were taken?

Next event is the 1st Interclub with Albury Wodonga on 19th March on the Wolfram map. More details to come.

Results 5th March:

2.0km Easy 

1. Ryder Seaman and Noah McMullen 20.09

2. John and Lachie Dailey 21.24

3. Jenna and Julian Amos 23.21

4. Logan Seaman and Lachlan McMullen 24.14

5. Alexander Young 28.54

6. Jarrah Mestan 35.44

7. Eddie and Eltan Mestan 38.28

8. McMullen family 50.28

9. Nicholas Young and Melanie Bradley 51.23

3.2km Moderate

1. Pauline Moore 55.11

4.2km "Goat"

1. Alex Davey 29.47

2. Julie Gooding 36.14

3. Deb Davey 36.22

4. Chontelle Dailey 40.37

Waggaroos will start  their "bush" season with an in-town event at Rawlings Park, Lake Albert on Sunday 5th March. The event will start from the east end of Angel St, and, for something different, will include a Goat Race option. This is a format little used in Australia. It is similar to a conventional event in which you take controls in numerical order but includes “fork legs” where you choose which fork you will follow, and a group of controls which may be taken in any order. Distance covered will be approximately 4km depending on your choices. For non-Goat-Race participants there will be a convention 3.2km Moderate Course and a conventional 2.0km Easy Course available.

Starts between 10am and 11:30am, with course closure at 1:30pm.

Our full calendar of events can be viewed and downloaded here 

Waggaroos 2022-23 MapRun series will wrap up with the final event starting on Sunday 19th February.  Start/Finish location is the playground in Kaloona Drive, Bourkelands.  An optional mass start will take place at 9:00am, however the event can be run at any time after that.

All events in the 2022-23 series remain open for anyone who hasn't yet had a chance to run them.

For full details, including map download, go to the 2022-23 MapRun Series menu above.

Waggaroos had their largest representation at a National carnival for a number of years at the recent Oceania Carnival in Tasmania, and some excellent results were achieved. The carnival comprised 4 races: a sprint, long distance, middle and relay.

At the sprint in Launceston, Briohny Seaman won her W40A class and was well supported by her sons Logan Seaman (1st M10A) and Ryder Seaman (3rd in M12A). Debbie Davey was 5th in W65A.

The remainder of the carnival was held in the St Helen's area in technical granite and mining terrain. Here, Logan Seaman repeated his win in M10A, whilst Briohny was 2nd in W40A and Ryder 4th in a  M12A. Pauline Moore was an excellent 2nd in W75A and Debbie Davey 3rd in W65A.  Alex Davey, recovering from knee surgery, walked his whole course to finish a creditable 9th.

Briohny returned to the winners list in the W40A Middle distance race and was joined on the podium by Julie Gooding, who finished 3rd.  Logan was again a winner in M10A, with Ryder 6th in M12A. Deb was 4th in W65A and Pauline 6th in W75A.

In the Relays, Ryder combined with Euan Shedden (SHOO) and Baxter Peel (Newcastle) to win an exciting M/W12A race. Debbie was in the 2nd placed team in W65A, whilst Briohny's team placed 7th in the W21A class and Alex's team 6th in W65A.

Some photos below.  

Waggaroos MapRun series event #2 in Glenfield Park, will close Saturday 10th December at 8:00pm.  Only a small turnout so far but still a couple of days to get out there and have a run! Briohny is again leading from Alex, with Pauline in 3rd place.

The 3rd event in the series, and the last prior to the Christmas/New Year break, will be at Rawlings Park in Lake Albert. It will open on Sunday 11th December at 7:00am and there will a mass start at 9:00am at the end of Angel Street, where limited maps will be available. The course can be undertaken at any time until 8:00pm Saturday 24th December. Maps can otherwise be downloaded from our MapRun menu page.

MapRun #1 (Kooringal) results:

Time Score     Distance (km)

1 Briohny Seaman 42:25:00 570 7.84

2 Alex Davey 43:34:00 30 6.83

3 Julie Gooding 39:45:00 420 5.25

4 Chontelle Dailey 41:31:00 420 6.49

5 John Oliver 46:19:00 400 (-60) 6.31

6 Pauline Moore 44:13:00 240 4.17

Waggaroos MapRun series for 2022-23 commences this Sunday, 13th November on our Kooringal street map.  The start/finish area is in Gracelands Park in Delvin Place.

The MapRun app utilises a smartphone (or Garmin watch) that displays the course and virtual control locations, and tracks the competitors as they move around the course area. There are no physical control flags on the ground but, upon reaching a control site, the smartphone will beep indicating that the control has been "punched".

All our MapRun courses are score events, wherein competitors can collect as many or few controls as they wish, in any order. Controls have different values (10, 20 or 50 points) and there is a time limit of 45 minutes for each event, with points deducted penalties for those over running the time.

The event will start with a MapRun "how-to" training/refresher session commencing at 9:00am. This will incorporate instructions on setting up your phone and a small course.

After the training those wishing to attempt the full course will set off in a mass-start. Alternately, the course can be completed at any time over the following 14 days, after which the event will close and the next event (Glenfield Park) will open.

Full details can be found under the 2022-23 MapRun Series menu above or click here.

Upcoming  major events: