Wagga and Riverina Orienteers Incorporated

The next Waggaroos orienteering event is a club event on Sunday 22nd May, on our Rocky Hill map in Kooringal. There will be two courses offered: an Easy course of about 1.5km and a Moderate course of around 3.7km. Assistance will be available for anyone new to Orienteering. Starts are open between 10 am and 12 noon from the gateway between 99 and 101 Simpkin Crescent.

AWOC have forged ahead after winning the 3rd event in the Interclub series at Walbundrie last Sunday. Albury won the day 56:25 and after 3 events now lead 131:105. Nonetheless the WaggaRoos who attended competed well. Best efforts were by Alex Davey who had a very comfortable 9 minute win on the Long Red course, and by Jack Janetzki and Deb Davey who took out the quinella on the Short Red course finishing well ahead of their AWOC competitors.

5.4km Long Hard

1 Alex Davey WRN 0:56:45

2 Raf Freire AWV 1:05:51

3 Leigh Privett AWV 1:10:14

4 John Oliver WRN 1:12:18

Jarad Kohlar AWV DNF

4.2km Short Hard

1 Jack Janetzki WRN 0:43:21

2 Debbie Davey WRN 0:48:34

3 Liz Wood AWV 0:59:04

4 Rob Simmons AWV 1:10:17

5 Tony Perrott AWV 1:10:29

6 John Neame AWV 1:29:01

3.5km Moderate

1 Rick Armstrong AWV 0:49:33

2 Nick Mousley AWV 0:53:04

3 Norm McCann AWV 0:53:57

4 Wes Campbell WRN 1:06:54

Julliette Milbank AWV 1:25:17

2.0km Easy

1 Ryan & Ray Miller AWV 0:30:15

2 Sarah, Gus & Sadie Miller AWV 0:51:52

3 Emma Flower AWV 0:52:11

4 Kimberley, Andrew, Felicity & Clementine Lyell

AWV 1:25:36

The 3rd round of the Waggaroos-AWOC Interclub series will be held on Sunday 8th May at Walbundrie. Waggaroos hold a narrow lead after winning the last round 2 weeks ago.

It's a compact but good quality map featuring bushland with areas of complex granite, open farmland and a large quarry; a great mix of terrain and features and there will be courses for all ability levels as well as assistance for newcomers.

Start times are between 10am and 11am, with course closure at 1:30pm.

Directions: from Wagga Wagga, travel to Walbundrie via either Henty or Culcairn. Once in Walbundrie, turn left into the main street (Billabong St) and travel a further 1km to Orienteering signs on the left.

Waggaroos just held off Albury-Wodonga in the 2nd of the 8-event Interclub series at Wolfram on Sunday 24th April. Fine, cool weather and generally fast, open forest awaited the competitors, but there were a few traps for the unwary in the inter-connecting spur and gully terrain, with a number of runners coming unstuck due to parallax errors or miscounting of gullies. In particular, control 47 (2nd on the 5.4km hard and 4th on the 4.2km hard) caused time losses for a number of runners.

ACT visitor Andrew Slattery, despite an issue on 47 above, was a comfortable winner on the 5.4km hard course. Albury's Matt Flower led home the locals and took maximum points, ahead of fellow Alburians Leigh Privett and Peter Mousley. On the 4.2km hard course, it was a Waggaroos quinella with Briohny Seaman, showing few effects from her 2nd placing in the Rosewood to Tumbarumba half marathon the day before, winning easily from Jack Janetzki with Albury's Josh Roy in 3rd.

Amy Ting from the ACT was a big winner on the 3.2km moderate course, winning by more than an hour from Wagga's Pauline Moore but Pauline still scored maximum local points. And Waggaroos dominated on the 1.7km Easy course, with Lachlan and John Dailey, in their first bush event, winning from Hayden Earl.

The overall point score for the day saw Waggaroos win 38 to 33 to take a narrow lead in the series, 80 to 75.

Long Hard 5.4km

1 Andrew Slattery ACT 0:55:32

2 Matt Flower AWV 1:07:44

3 Leigh Privett AWV 1:12:18

4 Peter Mousley AWV 1:17:43

5 Deb Davey WRN 1:21:01

6 John Oliver WRN 1:28:42

7 Alan Davis AWV 2:23:19

Short Hard 4.1km

1 Briohny Seaman WRN 0:41:33

2 Jack Janetzki WRN 0:57:51

3 Josh Roy AWV 1:10:09

4 Rob Simmons AWV 1:18:05

5 Norm McCann AWV 1:55:04

Nick Mousley AWV DNF

Moderate 3.2km

1 Amy Ting ACT 1:19:11

2 Pauline Moore WRN 2:24:54

Chontelle Dailey WRN DNF

Easy 1.7km

1 Lachlan & John Dailey WRN 0:31:30

2 Hayden Earl WRN 0:31:50

3 Erin Lenon & Daisy Peieira WRN 0:34:01

4 Kath Oliver WRN 0:47:24

QBIII 2022 is being hosted by Waggaroos with assistance from Orienteering ACT and the NSW Stingers squad. The 3-day event will be held from 11th to 13th June, the Queen's Birthday long weekend. More details will be posted under the QBIII menu in the coming weeks.

Next Event: Waggaroos MapRun Series 2021-22. Click here for details.

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