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Winter series commences at Willan's Hill

posted 16 Mar 2021, 02:19 by Alex Davey
A very pleasant Sunday morning at Willan's Hill saw ten participants attempt Pauline’s courses. The Hard and Moderate courses zig-zagged over the main ridgeline. Going reasonably straight proved to be a little more difficult than expected with the proliferation of grasses on the steeper slopes. In some instances going much further around the tracks was quicker.

Top efforts by Ryder Seaman winning the Easy course quite comfortably and Chontelle Dailey who won the Moderate course.

Unfortunately some sad, irresponsible fool decided to smash up a couple of our SI units and flags, with both SI units requiring repair or possible replacement.


1.6km Easy Course
1 Ryder Seaman 0:20:57
2 Jarrah Mestan 0:22:56
3 Julie Gooding 0:23:05
4 Logan Seaman 0:24:46
5 Kath Oliver 0:30:05

4.7km Hard Course
1 John Oliver 1:08:31

3.0km Moderate Course
1 Chontelle Dailey 0:43:21
2 Bob Moore 1:15:43
3 Don MacIntyre mp

2.9km Hard Course
Alex Davey mp