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Wagga wins in Walbundrie

posted 31 May 2016, 02:51 by Alex Davey   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 01:30 ]

Waggaroos have consolidated their lead after some fine performances at the fourth of the eight event Interclub Challenge series against Albury last Sunday. In the Interclub Challenge points are awarded according to places for an equal number of participants from each club on each course. Waggaroos had an excellent day wining three of the four courses.

The event area at Walbundrie consists of three wooded hills two of which are littered with boulder features and the third with complex contour detail due to past quarrying activities. Route choices were minimal with the focus of the courses on the need for careful navigation in the tricky terrain. Between the hills the featureless open areas offered fast running but even there participants had to be aware of their direction so as not to drift off course before navigating the next set of tricky features.

Waggaroos started very well with Briohny Seaman, Lachlan Billett and John Oliver completing the trifecta on the 5km Hard course. It was another 10 minutes before the first of the Albury participants finished and as a result Waggaroos outscored Albury 15 points to 6.

Times were somewhat closer on the 4km Hard course but Wagga continued to score well. Debbie and Alex Davey finished first and second respectively for Waggaroos but then Rick Armstrong and Liz Wood earned some valuable points for the Albury club by finishing third and fourth. However when Julie Gooding and Amanda Billett then finished fifth and sixth Waggaroos was in a strong position earning 22 points to 14.

The Crossett family continued Waggaroos good day by winning the Moderate course just ahead of Albury’s Emma Flower. Bob Moore (W) was well off the pace but did well enough to finish third ahead of Albury’s Cathy and Zoe McNabb to give Waggaroos a 6:4 win on the Moderate course.

Albury won the 2.5km Easy course 2 points to 1 when Nic Mousley finished ahead of Waggaroos Kath Oliver. Nonetheless Kath’s effort earned her the handicap honours for the day.

At the end of the day Wagga had scored 44 points to Albury’s 26 and after four events leads the Interclub Challenge 109:66. The fifth event in the Interclub Challenge will be on Sunday 26 June in the Murraguldrie State Forest.

The next local event will be next Sunday 5 June at the western entrance to Pomingalarna Reserve starting at 10am. Enter from Sturt Hwy about 800m past the San Isadore turnoff. Beginners are welcome.