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Waggaroos to resume local orienteering competitions!

posted 2 Jul 2020, 03:19 by Alex Davey   [ updated 2 Jul 2020, 03:20 ]
Yes ….we are resuming competitive orienteering…..
although it needs to be a little different to comply with existing Government Orders and ONSW Policy.

The principles of the revised operating protocols are:
• to minimise touching of objects by multiple people, and
• to maximise social distancing particularly at assembly area.

• SI units will not be used at control sites. Instead coloured tape will be attached to the control flag in a way that is obvious and visible and such that participants do not need to touch the control flag to find it. Participants are to record colour of tape at each control location. There will be multiple choice options on the back of the map for participants to check off the correct colour.
• As such, participants will need to carry a pencil. We would prefer participants bring their own pencil, pen or marker. If you use a club pencil it is not to be shared and when returned is to be put into separate box for post-event disinfection.
• There will be START and FINISH SI units for timing, similar to the summer series process. An SI stick will be required to record your start time and finish time only. Upon downloading the elapsed time will be recorded but a copy from the printer will not be provided to the participant.
• Borrowed/hired compass, SI unit or other equipment is to be used by the borrower/hirer only and when returned is to be put into a separate box on return for disinfection at later date.
• Participants are to retain the map(s) they used at the conclusion of their course. Maps are not to be left at registration table or elsewhere at the event site.
• When participating please maintain social distancing when you meet others i.e. stay at least 1.5 m away and do not run in another participants slip-stream.

• To avoid multiple people touching a common registration form the Organiser will have a list of those who have attended recent orienteering events and will check participants off as attending from this list.
• Being checked off as attending will imply verbal acceptance of the disclaimers - which will be displayed such they can be read without touching.
• During checking off the organiser will check/ record your name and mobile phone number. If required these details will be provided to NSW Health for contact tracing purposes.

• No payment, cash or electronic, will be accepted at the event. Participants will be contacted at a later date (e.g. end of August and end of October) and asked to transfer entry fees for events attended directly into the Waggaroos bank account.

• There will be no water provided on courses or at assembly area. Participants are to bring own water for their own personal use only to carry on course and for post-event.

• There will be no provision to hold car-keys/ water bottles/ clothing at registration table. Participants are to look after their own car-keys/ water bottles/ clothing. Please maintain consciousness of social distancing requirements:
• Keep at least 1.5 m from people not from your household.
• Do not run in someone else’s slipstream.
• Be socially respectful and step to the side of the path when passing others.
• Government Orders currently constrain the gathering number at outdoor premises to 20. As such, we request that socialising at the assembly area is kept to a minimum and that participants literally Come and Run then Go. Please do not approach the Organiser to register until you are literally ready to start; and please depart reasonably soon after completing your course.