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Waggaroos strong away win in Interclub

posted 11 Apr 2016, 19:17 by Alex Davey   [ updated 11 Apr 2016, 19:20 ]

Waggaroos have taken a commanding lead after winning the second of the Interclub Challenge matches last Sunday. Conducted at 9-Mile Hill about 10km north east of Albury the forest was very open and fast although the numerous hill climbs made participants think otherwise.

In the Interclub Challenge points are awarded according to places for an equal number of participants on each course. Waggaroos had a strong contingent attending and all contributed to the win. After the first event the clubs were tied at 15 points all.

Waggaroos started well with their three participants in the 4.3km Hard Course taking out the trifecta. 14 year old TRAC student Lachlan Billett was the outstanding performer winning by more than 5 minutes from his more experienced opponents and scoring valuable points for the Wagga. Debbie Davey, the only woman on the course, also did exceptionally well finishing second and adding to the points tally. Then, when Waggaroo John Oliver took third place just 2 seconds in front of Albury’s Rob Simmons, Wagga had won the course 15:6.

Waggaroos then did even better on the 3km Hard Course. The four Wagga competitors on this course finished in four of the top five places ensuring a high point scored. Waggaroo Dale Clegg won the course handsomely from club mates Wes Campbell and Julie Gooding. Albury’s Emma Flower prevented a clean sweep by finishing just ahead of Amanda Billett (W). Things got desperate for Albury when two of their participants punched the wrong control. As a result Waggaroos won the course handsomely 25:10.

Albury salvaged a little pride on the 2.7km Moderate Course when Alexandra Friere was just too quick for Wagga's Crossett family. This win meant Albury won the course 2:1.

On the 2.3km Easy course points were split 5 points all. Albury’s Nic Mousley won the course but then Waggaros Farquhar Family and Kath Oliver took the next two places ahead of David Ross (A).

Waggaroos won the day comfortably 46:23 and now hold a 61:38 lead. The third event in the Interclub Challenge will be on Sunday 8 May at Willan's Hill.

The next local event will be next Sunday 17 April at the Victory Memorial Gardens starting near the intersection of Peter and Morrow St at 10am.

During the school holidays the ACT Junior Training Squad will conduct a four day camp centred at Wagga to practice various navigational skills in some of the forests nearby. Waggaroo junior Lachlan Billett will be joining the squad.

Interclub #2 results

4.3km Hard Course:

1. Lachlan Billett (W) 37.46

2. Debbie Davey (W) 42.49

3. John Oliver (W) 43.52

4. Rob Simmons (A) 43.54

5. Matt Flower (A) 45.43

6. Rick Armstrong (A) 47.39

7. Fab Andreou (A) 48.11

8. Wayne Bajenoff (A) 52.32

9. John Trevivian (A) 73.53


3.0km Hard Course:

1. Dale Clegg (W) 49.25

2. Wes Campbell (W) 57.04

3. Julie Gooding (W) 59.22

4. Emma Flower (A) 60.27

5. Amanda Billett (W) 62.24

6. Robyn Banaszek (A) 76.38

7. Harry Sinclair & Josh Clegg (A) 77.51

    Liz Wood (A) 10ctrls; Peter Mousley (A) 4 ctrls


2.7km Moderate Course:

1. Alex Freire (A) 31.47

2. Matt & Zoe McNabb (A) 58.25

3. Crossett Family (W) 60.16

4. Graeme, Marg & Will Jessup (A) 71.01

5. Carrie Gregory & Nat Ward (A) 96.17

8. Cathy & Erin McNabb 96.17


2.3km Easy Course:

1. Nic Mousley (A) 30.47

2. Farquhar Family (W) 36.14

3. Kath Oliver (W) 50.23

4. David Ross (A) 106.55