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Waggaroos open up handy lead in Interclub

posted 3 Jun 2014, 05:05 by Alex Davey   [ updated 3 Jun 2014, 05:08 ]

Waggaroos had a resounding win in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge event against Albury last Sunday.

The event was conducted literally metres from the main street in Walbundrie. Although relatively small, the area contains three low lying hills littered with rock features, earthen embankments, and intricate little gullies created by erosion and excavations. The courses looped around the hills in such a way that participants had to switch navigation strategies from deciding between route choice alternatives to fine map reading to chart a course carefully through the features. The three hills regularly challenged participants with decisions on whether to run wide and avoid climb or take the hill on.

The rain held off during the event and while the soft ground made running pleasant, continuing dousing from the wet bushes were not appreciated.

In the six event Interclub Orienteering Challenge points are awarded to each club according to places for an equal number of participants on each course. There were no Albury participants on the Easy course and no Waggaroos participating on the Moderate Course so the Interclub competition was fought out by those on the 5.3km Hard course and 3.5km Hard course.

Alex Davey set up Waggaroos victory with a solid win on the 5.3km course to earn 6 valuable points. But Albury’s improving Rob Matthews was not far behind and picked up the 5 points for second place. Then Waggaroos pair Deb Davey and John Oliver finished just seconds ahead of Albury’s Matt Flower to put WaggaRoos ahead 13:8. John won the handicap for the day.

Albury hit back on the 3.6 km Course when Liz Wood blitzed the field to win comfortably by over 16 minutes and score 6 points for her club and put them one point ahead. However Waggaroos Bob Moore, Wes Campbell and Pauline Moore finished in quick succession ahead of other Albury orienteers and put the result beyond doubt.

Waggaroos Kath Oliver was the only participant on the 1.7km Easy course and enjoyed a comfortable walk through the area.

Waggaroos won the day 25:17 and now commands a healthy 10 point lead after 3 events. The fourth event in the series will be conducted on Sunday 29 June in the Murraguldrie State Forest.


Course 1 - 5.3km Hard  

1. Alex Davey WRN 46.27

2. Rob Matthews AWV 48.33

3. Debbie Davey WRN 53.38

4. John Oliver WRN 53.42

5. Matt Flower AWV 53.54

6. Leigh Privett AWV 56.28

7. Tony Perrott AWV 60.51

8. Rick Armstrong AWV 63.17

9. Luke Preston AWV 89.53

Course 2 - 3.6km Hard   

1. Liz Wood AWV 53.56

2. Bob Moore WRN 69.12

3. Wes Campbell WRN 72.51

4. Pauline Moore WRN 75.12

5. Trevor, Wendy, and Pat AWV 78.38

6. Norm McCann AWV 82.25

7. Josh Roy AWV 85.16

8. Bill Krautz AWV 86.58

9. Goele Schmitz AWV 96.00

10. Robyn Banaszek AWV 89.13 (DNF)

Course 3 - 2.2km Moderate                 

1. John Ferguson AWV 45.42

2. Susan Lefoe AWV 54.30

Course 4 – 1.7km Easy

1. Kath Oliver WRN 39.54