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Waggaroos 2016 bush season ends

posted 26 Oct 2016, 02:02 by Alex Davey   [ updated 26 Oct 2016, 02:07 ]
Waggaroos juniors all did very well at Waggaroos final bush event for 2016, conducted at Willan's Hill last Sunday.

Starting from the Museum in Lord Baden Powell Drive, the courses traversed the western slopes of Willan's Hill. Track options were favoured because of the long grass and slightly thicker undergrowth which made forest running more challenging

TRAC student Lachlan Billett comfortably won the 5.2km long course. Riding on the success of being a member of the NSW team which won the Junior Boys Australian Schools Orienteering Relay Championship title conducted last month, Lachlan almost came unstuck at the 9th control. The marker had caught up in a bush abutting the rock face making it difficult to see. Veteran John Oliver who had started 30 seconds behind Lachlan managed to catch up with the young champion and both passed within a meter of the marker before spotting it. From there Lachlan literally ran away from John to win the event by a comfortable 3½ minutes, all built up in the last 2km of the race. Debbie Davey also had problems spotting the 9th control marker and finished third.

Another TRAC student, Will Cronk, had a big win on the 1.5km Easy course finishing just over 12 minutes ahead of Kath Oliver who won the handicap for the day. Waggajoeys Ryder and Logan Seaman completed the course with their mother Briohny to finish third and Jarrah Mestan completed the course with his parents to finish fourth.

Wes Campbell was steady on the 3.0km Moderate course finishing just ahead of Iain, Eloise and Ashleigh Crossett.

Results - Willan's Hill.

5.2km Long course:

1. Lachlan Billett 56.50

2. John Oliver 60.53

3. Debbie Davey 66.20


3.0km Moderate course:

1. Wes Campbell 49.50

2. Iain, Ashleigh, Eloise Crossett 64.16


1.5km Easy Course:

1. Will Cronk 19.19

2. Kath Oliver 31.41

3. Ryder, Logan, Briohny Seaman 39.44

4. Jarrah, Julie and Eltan Mestan 47.02