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Hills a challenge in Tatton

posted 13 Dec 2015, 02:56 by Alex Davey   [ updated 13 Dec 2015, 03:02 ]
Pauline Moore and Briohny Seaman had good wins in the third event of the Waggaroos Summer Orienteering Series conducted last Thursday evening.

The competition was held in Tatton starting from the playground at the corner of Kimberley Drive and Fitzroy Street. Participants had a choice of 45 minutes or 30 minutes to find the answers to a series of questions about the Tatton area. This included identifying various Christmas decorations, articular garden ornaments, and numbers on substations or shipping containers. Each correct answer scored points and points were deducted for exceeding the time limit. 24 questions were on offer for a total of 235 points

Course planner Julie Gooding set some interesting problems. The northern part offered some high value points but involved a steep climb. The southern part was easier running with lower value scores. At each control participants were continually tempted with little deviations to pick up a few more points but involved that little extra effort.

On the 45 min course Briohny Seaman went north and took on the climb. It worked and she managed to find answers to all but three of the questions and amass an excellent 210 points. Andrew Earl also went north and did extremely well to score a very good 190 points and winning the handicap for the evening. He cut it fine though finishing with just 6 seconds to spare. John Oliver went south and finished third with 150 points. Darren Kupke and Kade Mavroudis tied for fourth place with 130 points.

On the 30 minute course Pauline Moore scored 80 points to just beat husband Bob. Bob had amassed 90m points but suffered a 10 point penalty for finishing 70seconds over time. Geri Louis continued her good form to finish third with 70 points.

The Waggaroos Summer Orienteering Series will recess until Thursday 28 January when the next event will be conducted in Glenfield Park.

45 min Score Event                               

1              Briohny Seaman                         210

2              Andrew Earl                               190

3              John Oliver                                 150

4              Darren Kupke                             130

4              Kade Mavroudis                          130

6              Candice Masling & Dale Clegg     120

7              Zakea Pongritz                            120

8              Will Cronk                                   NSR


30 min Score Event                               

1              Pauline Moore                             85

2              Bob Moore                                  80

3              Geri Louis                                   70

4              Wes Campbell                            65

5              Angela & Caitlin Farrell                50