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Close runs in the hills

posted 23 Feb 2015, 01:16 by Alex Davey   [ updated 23 Feb 2015, 01:18 ]
Pauline Moore and John Oliver were winners at the WaggaRoos Summer Series Orienteering event last Thursday evening. The event was conducted in the Bourkelands area which offered participants many route choice options between fast running along roads and laneways or cutting across the uneven grassy open areas.

Commencing in Marylands Dr participants had a choice of 45 minutes or 30 minutes to find the answers to a series of questions about the suburb. Each correct answer scored points and points were deducted for exceeding the time limit. Twenty nine questions were on offer for a total of 310 points.

On the 30 minute course Pauline Moore started with some of the questions in the centre of the area and made her way to the periphery. Angela and Connor Farrell did similarly. It was a strategy that paid dividends with Pauline collecting 105 points to just edge out the Farrell’s (100 points). However, it was the Farrell’s who won the handicap for the evening.

The battle for third place was also close with Bob Moore (75) finishing just ahead of Catherine Holland (70).

On the 45 minute course John Oliver used a different strategy. Rather than starting in the centre he steadily worked his way around the periphery of the area. Although he finished a couple of minutes over time he still amassed a very good 230 points. Darren Kupke came from Temora to participate and finished second with 170 points just ahead of Kade Mavroudis and Will Cronk (165).

Next week the Summer Series of Orienteering will continue on Thursday 19 February at the Victory Memorial Gardens starting at 6pm near the intersection of Morrow and Peter Sts.