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Albury win at 9 Mile Hill

posted 17 Jul 2019, 04:35 by Alex Davey   [ updated 17 Jul 2019, 04:36 ]
Despite a good roll-up of Waggaroos, AWOC had a good win in Interclub #5 at 9 Mile Hill just north of Albury. On the day, the scores were 48:36 and AWOC made excellent inroads to Waggaroos overall lead. Wagga now lead by a mere 1 point: 223:222 so it is getting exciting… only three more events to be conducted.

Alex Davey and Jack Janetzki carried the banner for Waggaroos with good wins on the Long Hard and Short Hard courses. Dale Clegg’s third place on the Short Hard was also commendable. Well done to all Waggaroos who attended and helped our cause.

The next event is Interclub #6 at Burrandana on the Wolfram map on Sunday  21 July, starts between 10:00 am and 12 noon.

Results 9 Mile Hill

2.6 km Moderate Course
Josh Roy AWV 38.41
2 Cathy McNab AWV 51.35
3 Wes Campbell WRN 51.55
Smith Family AWV 75.51

5.5 km Long Hard
Alex Davey WRN 54.25
Rob Simmons AWV 61.00
Peter Mousley AWV 64.08
Deb Davey WRN 64.25
Tadeusz Davenport WRN 79.02
Tony Perrott AWV DNF
Jeff Cave AWV DNF
1.5 km Easy
Nick Mousley AWV 17.52
Jarrah Mestan & Julie Gooding WRN 41.47
Naldrett Family AWV 65.31

3.6 km Short Hard
Jack Janetzki WRN 48.14
Liz Wood AWV 54.49
Dale Clegg WRN 63.46
Shani Rajasekera WRN 73.27
Hugh Cameron AWV 80.50
Julie & Sean Sunley WRN 89.55
Juliette Milbane AWV 111.40
Steve McDougall AWV DNF
Harry Smith AWV DNF