2019 Events calendar


Date Waggaroos Events Setter State/National Events Venue

24-Jan Summer series: John Oliver   Bourkelands
31-Jan Summer series:  Alex Davey   Glenfield Park
7-Feb Summer series:      Estella
14-Feb Summer series:      Wagga Beach
21-Feb Summer series:     Victory Memorial Gardens
23-Feb Club Training weekend     Canberra
24-Feb Club Training weekend     Canberra
28-Feb Summer series: Alex Davey   Glenfield Park
10-Mar Local     Pomingalarna
16-Mar     OACT AL1  
17-Mar     OACT AL2 TBA
24-Mar Interclub #1 -AWOC     Magenta, Chiltern
30-Mar     SL1 NOL Hill End
31-Mar     SL2 NOL Hill End
7-Apr Club     Rocky Hill (new)
19-Apr     Easter Prologue WA
20-Apr     Easter Day 1 WA
21-Apr     Easter Day 2 WA
22-Apr     Easter Day 3 WA
26-Apr     Australian Middle Champs WA
28-Apr Interclub #2 - Waggaroos     Burngoogee
5-May Nail Can Hill Fun Run     Albury
9-May Riverina Schools Champs     Willan's Hill
12-May Local Sprint     Victory Memorial Gardens
18-May     SL3 NSW Middle Champs Roseberg SF
19-May     SL4 NSW Long Champs Wyangala
26-May Interclub #3 - AWOC     Walbundrie
2-Jun Local     Willan's Hill
8-Jun     SL5 - QBIII Day 1 - Middle Southern Highlands
9-Jun     SL6 - QBIII Day 2 - Long Southern Highlands
10-Jun     SL7 - QBIII Day 3 - Sprint Southern Highlands
16-Jun-19 Interclub #4 - Waggaroos     Connorton
30-Jun Local     Pomingalarna
7-Jul Interclub #5 - AWOC     9 Mile Hill
13-Jul     SL8 TBC
14-Jul     SL9 TBC
21-Jul Interclub #6 - Waggaroos     Wolfram
3-Aug     SL10 Newcastle
4-Aug     SL11 Newcastle
4-Aug Interclub #7 - AWOC     Tabletop
11-Aug     City to Surf Sydney
18-Aug Wagga Trail Marathon     Wagga
25-Aug Interclub #8 - Waggaroos     Livingstone
31-Aug     OACT Middle and SL12 ACT
1-Sep     OACT Long Distance and SL13 ACT
7-Sep     SL14 and NSW Schools TBC
8-Sep     SL15 and NSW Schools TBC
8-Sep Lake to Lake Fun Run?     Wagga
15-Sep Local Sprint     Rawlings Park, Lake Albert
28-Sep     Oceania Sprint Wagga (CSU)
29-Sep     Australian Long Distance Champs Cootamundra (Winona)
30-Sep     Oceania/Aust Relay Champs Cootamundra (Winona)
1-Oct     Aust Schools Sprint Champs Wagga (Kildare)
2-Oct     Aust Schools Long Champs Wagga (Connorton)
3-Oct     Aust Schools Relay Champs Wagga (Pomingalarna)
5-Oct     Oceania Long Champs Wangaratta
6-Oct     Oceania Middle Champs Beechworth
12-Oct Hume and Hovell Ultra     Tumbarumba
13-Oct Hume and Hovell Ultra     Tumbarumba
20-Oct Local     Rocky Hill
24-Nov Sunday Summer Series #1   Ron Wheeler Park  Lake Albert
28-Nov Sunday Summer Series #2   Schooner Place  Estella
5-Dec Sunday Summer Series #3   Devlin Place     Kooringal 
12-Dec Sunday Summer Series #4   TBA Central Wagga